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Targeted at the agnostic cloud, but can also be deployed to hosted infrastructure.

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Accelerating Software Development

Looking to accelerate your development process without straining your team? Look no further. KOADX offers a groundbreaking solution that crafts an impressive 94% of your enterprise-level system within minutes. By leveraging KOADX, you'll not only save valuable time but also significantly cut costs . Plus, with error-free code generation, you can streamline your workflow and reduce future headaches. Contact us to find out more

Line of Business applications

Our services provide containerised applications with a range of database and document storage options and cloud-related services. Generated code prioritises data protection, compliance, and meeting regulatory requirements to ensure a clear focus on these essential aspects.

Transformative to business

With an anticipated shortage of 40 million skilled professionals, businesses are poised to face significant costs. By 2030, this shortfall could result in a staggering worldwide loss of 8.4 trillion in revenue. Don't let your numbers contribute to this statistic.

No drawback & no catch

Automated construction of DevOps pipelines and delivering code in any language (Currently SQL and C#). Unlimited customisation, scalable applications with high quality code that you can use however you like.

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KOADX is a robust tool that generates application code for business operations. It efficiently translates item models, their relationships, workflows, and more into comprehensive web application source code. This encompasses database structures, middleware, and RESTful APIs, providing a complete solution.

Thanks to its modeling and transformation process, the coded application is tailored to the customer's business domain language. It seamlessly aligns with their processes, avoiding the need for customers to conform to standardized software.

KOADX generates around 94% of the source code, allowing developers to focus on the essential coding that adds business value to the application. There's no lock-in; all generated code is permanently licensed to you.

Amid the global shortage of developers, Koadx stands as your preferred tool, empowering development teams worldwide to significantly boost productivity. This enables faster product and service delivery, meeting shorter time-to-market goals.


KOADX revolutionises global software development. Our mission remains clear: we created this for every developer burning the midnight oil and every overwhelmed development manager navigating through backlogs. We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of Koadx and its immense benefits.

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Automatic code generation at its best, KOADX was built by NionNet. With high quality development and a clear focus, we now offer 'Source Code as a Service' to every developer. Now you can concentrate on the cutting edge of development and get home in daylight!

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