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90% of your application development done and zero lock-in

Origin Code Generation

Origin is an enterprise application code generator, used by developers to produce high quality systems in a fraction of the time.

Enterprise level applications

Origin provides containerised applications with a choice of databases and document storage as well as other cloud related services. Generated systems predicate a clear focus on data protection, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Cloud or hosted

The generated source code is your property not ours. It is targeted at the agnostic cloud, but can also be deployed to hosted infrastructure.

Transformative to business

With an estimated shortage of 40 Million skilled people, that will cost business. In 2030 we're looking at 8.4 Trillion in lost revenue worldwide. Some of those figures belong to you.

No low code drawbacks

Automated construction of DevOps pipelines and delivers code in any language (SQL, C#, Python etc). Unlimited customisation, scalable applications with high quality code and you own the lot!

Free trial

Try Origin free for small app development. This will give you a taste of the power of Origin - maximum of 5 data classes and 10 relationships with free entry level documentation and training.

Origin academy and certification

Access our free online training resources and become a certified Origin developer.

Origin in Action

The power of automatic code generation is in what we can achieve by using it. Working smarter anf faster, Origin is sector agnostic. It can do whatever you ask of it, whatever your business.

Key Sectors

Origin has been used to produce systems in a variety of market sectors so far. Let’s call them Medicine, Money and Monitoring. Generated systems (Average 94% generated code) have been deployed for patient safety and information provision, management of cash room activity and for server monitoring and asset management. All of which have powerful admin systems behind them (also automatically generated) for managing internal content and overall health.

Healthcare Information Systems Using generated code to maximise public safety
Cash Counting Solutions Powerful cashroom management generated by Origin
Asset management Instant control with Origin generated code

The Origin Experience

About Origin

Ten years in the making Origin has been developed, and successfully used, by NionNet across a diverse range of business sectors.

Using Origin is a positive bonus for developers

This powerful enterprise application code that takes a model of items and how those items relate to each other, along with workflow etc. The model is translated into the source code of a fully featured web application, including database, middleware, API and front-end.

Due to the nature of the modelling and transformation process, the coded application is expressed in the language of the customer’s business domain, and fits to their processes, rather than forcing the customer to be compliant with packaged software.

On average, 94% of the source code is generated by Origin, leaving the developers to concentrate on the remaining coding that creates the business value in the application.

There is no lock-in. All generated code is your property

In response to the ever-increasing worldwide shortage of developers, we are offering Origin as your tool of choice, allowing development teams across the world to hugely increase their productivity, bringing their products to market in considerably shorter timescales.