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Accelerate development for Line of Business applications. Save time, money, resources and avoid technical debt


Source code as a Service
Model it, generate it, and finish it your way.


Fully customisable and highly scalable, high quality code and yours to use as you wish.


Targeted at the agnostic cloud, but can also be deployed to hosted infrastructure.

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Accelerating Software Development

Do you have a congested development pipeline and too few developers? Do you need to develop faster? Well we have your solution. Origin will generate, on average, 94% of your enterprise level system in a matter of minutes. Using Origin will save you time and money. With no errors in the generated code, you'll have far fewer headaches later on'. Contact us to find out more

Line of Business applications

Containerised applications, a choice of database and document storage as well as other cloud related services. Generated systems predicate a clear focus on data protection, compliance and regulatory requirements.

Transformative to business

With an estimated shortage of 40 Million skilled people, that will cost business. In 2030 we're looking at 8.4 Trillion in lost revenue worldwide. Some of those figures belong to you.

No drawback & no catch

Automated construction of DevOps pipelines and delivers code in any language (Currently SQL and C#). Unlimited customisation, scalable applications with high quality code and you can use it however you like.

Early Access

We are offering and exciting opportunity for you to get early access to Origin for yourself. No charges and you can build one system of your choice, limits apply.

Origin in Action

The power of automatic code generation is in what we can achieve by using it. Working smarter and faster, Origin is sector agnostic. It can do whatever you ask of it, whatever your business

Line of business code generation is crucial in view of the global developer shortage. It needs to work hard, to automate the creation of beautiful code that's easy to read, understand and modify. NionNet’s Origin platform does just that.

Give Origin a model, using our modelling tool (add your data classes, properties, relationships, roles, workflow, authorisations) and Origin will generate circa 94% of your source code in a matter of seconds, then delivers a link to download your code. Now you can focus on the remaining 6% of your deelopment that is unique to your product or business.

You save money, develop so much faster and focus on that precious 6% that you can develop however you choose.

Code generated by the model includes databases, databases, program logic and RESTful API. Origin will also give you common features like security, auditing, document management all out of the Origin box.


Pharmacovigilance Literature Search


Medicines Information


Asset Management


Medicines Authenticity Tracking



This powerful 'line of business' application code generation tool, takes a model of items and how those items relate to each other, along with workflow etc. The model is translated into the source code of a fully featured web application, including database, middleware, RESTful API.

Due to the nature of the modelling and transformation process, the coded application is expressed in the language of the customer’s business domain, and fits to their processes, rather than forcing the customer to be compliant with packaged software.

On average, 94% of the source code is generated by Origin, leaving the developers to concentrate on the remaining coding that creates the business value in the application. There is no lock-in. All generated code is irrevocably licenced to you.

In response to the ever-increasing worldwide shortage of developers, we are offering Origin as your tool of choice, allowing development teams across the world to hugely increase their productivity, bringing products and services to market in considerably shorter timescales.


Origin will make a difference for software development around the world. Our mantra continues to be that we did this for ‘every developer who can’t get home in daylight and every development manager that can barely see through their backlog thicket’. We know the power of Origin and completely believe in the benefits of using it.

We care about your success.

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Dave is a software engineer, account and project manager with over 30 years experience in programming, mainly using Microsoft technologies.

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Automatic code generation at its best, Origin was built by NionNet over many years. With high quality development and a clear focus we now offer SaaS to all developers. Now you can concentrate exclusively on the cutting edge of development.

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