Advanced Application Generation with Origin
90% of your development done! Now that's brilliant!

Key Sectors

NionNet systems are currently deployed in healthcare, cash counting and SME business environments in particular for server monitoring and asset management.

Healthcare Information Systems Working to ensure public safety
Cash Counting Solutions Powerful cashroom tracking
Server and Asset Applications Control your business, wherever you are

What We Do

We specialise in bespoke business system development using our innovative application generator NionNet Origin
alongside Microsoft stack technologies

Process Automation

Using the power of Origin to automate and simplify your business processes in particular where compliance is crucial

SME Support

Creating systems and mobile applications to deliver your business model that is able to adapt and change with you as you grow

Custom Development

With the power of NionNet behind you, your business systems can be developed using your plan and your language

Case Studies

How We Work

About Nionnet

Advanced Application Generation at its best. We build web-based business applications using our in-house application generator 'Origin'. Our solutions are resiliant, scalable, secure and future-proof, they don't cost the earty and the code is your once we're done.

Our business focus is primarily in healthcare information and cash handling where the power of our technologies help automate and simplify business processes. This is particularly important in compliance heavy operation. But as a completely agnostic platform we can work with you, whever your business.

Our systems ensure speed of delivery, with circa £90% being generated (and yes we've heard its impossible!).

Contact us about on your project, you have nothing to lose and I expect we will surprise you.